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Who We Are

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission –

To provide high-quality childcare and education while supporting developmental milestones through child-centered learning.

 Our Vision –

We envision a world where all children are successful through nurturing, encouragement and respectful attention, while being seen as capable and competent.

 Our Core Values –

  • Children First.  In everything we do, we put the needs of children first.  We are privileged to be invited into the lives of children every day, so we make them our most important priority.

  • Respect.  Through our words and actions, we demonstrate respect for all children, families, and colleagues.  We know that modeling respect starts with the very youngest of people and therefore we are role models of respect to all things in our world, from people to resources to time and efforts.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We advocate for policies, practices and programs that promote full and inclusive participation for all people. We value differences among people.  We confront biases that create barriers and limit the potential of children, families, and early childhood professionals. We act with integrity, respect and trust.

  • Growth.  We value life-long growth for all people.  Understanding the developmental milestones of children is necessary in recognizing growth and supporting children to be lifetime learners.  All children grow on their own timeline.  The same is true for adults, whether it be personally or professionally.  We proactively identify opportunities for growth and improvement in ourselves and in Milestones Early Learning & Preschool as a program.


Our Beliefs –

  •  High-quality childcare helps children thrive.

  • Early childhood is the best time to support optimal physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

  • Current research must inform decisions about best practices.

  • Children learn best through experiences, discovery, exploration, and play.

  • Partnerships with Parents/Guardians best support children in their development.

  • A diverse, equitable and inclusive program is a place for all children and families to succeed.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values: Our Mission
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